Piano and Suzuki Violin Lessons

Amy Kate Petersen, Instructor

Preschool Partner Piano

Elementary through Intermediate Piano

Suzuki Violin

Studio Offerings

Preschool Piano Lessons

  • Partner Piano Lessons for 3 and 4 year olds
  • Pre-Readers Welcome
  • Step by Step, Whole Child Approach to Learning
  • A Solid Start in Piano
Elementary - Intermediate Piano Lessons
  • Accepting Beginners and Transfer Students
  • Focus on Strong Reading Skills and Sensitive Musical Expression
  • Early and Emergent Readers Welcome
  • Weekly Private Lessons and Seasonal Group Lessons
  • Recital, Holland Piano Club, and MMTA Opportunities

Suzuki Violin

  • Weekly Lessons with Parent Involvement
  • Whole Child, Relational Approach to Learning
  • Step by Step, Instruction
  • Monthly Group Classes and Repertoire Play-Ins
  • Chamber Music for Advanced Students